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Focuses towards each Temptress (yes, that is you!) learning and developing dance moves in relation to the pole. These moves look extremely challenging and so slowly increase that individual's confidence in their physical ability. Week by week you will be presented with professional spins, tricks, and sexy poses so that by week 6 you will have unleashed the Temptress within and hopefully confident enough to perform your very own routine to the group. Pole dancing is commonly regarded and recognised as a beneficial form of exercise. By combining muscular endurance, strength and co-ordination pole dancing has evolved from previous associations with gentlemen's clubs and is now recognised as a fun and sexy way to get fit.

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Involve every Temptress appreciating and presenting their female form in a sexy and playful manner. With the use of props (which we provide) and a variety of Burlesque styles you are given the opportunity to transform into an exciting new character each week. As experienced choreographers we are bringing you an exclusive fusion of classic burlesque, neo-burlesque and MTV generation burlesque. Therefore, from our course, we hope to teach you enough of this art form so that you can then transfer the skills and experience into your everyday life. Originally, Burlesque performances included comic sketches and parodies that alternated with dance routines, however by the early 1930s the acts evolved into striptease which became the dominant ingredient of Burlesque shows of that period in time. Burlesque performers often create elaborate sets with lush and colourful costumes, encouraging music and props to enhance their routines and over all performance.

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